Pretty Manyimo

Job Title: Specialist Palliative Nurse/ Post Graduate Research Student

Career Background:

I trained as an adult nurse at De Montfort University and graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Nursing. I then topped up to a degree in Adult Nursing and a Masters in Health and Social Care with the University of Derby. My background is community palliative care nursing.

Current Research:

I am currently a part-time 1st year PhD student with the University of Warwick and working part-time as a Specialist Palliative Nurse with Leicestershire Partnership Trust. I am interested in community palliative and end-of-life care. As a clinical academic, I am interested in reducing end-of-life health inequalities that may be experienced in a community setting. My PhD study aims to understand complex palliative needs of the community patients and how the healthcare system and community contexts influences a “good death.” Furthermore, this research aims to influence the future community palliative care services.

Research Experience:

As part of my MSc in Health and Social Care degree, I conducted a Rapid Evidence Assessment on individualising end-of -life care in the community. One of my recommendations was exploring challenges faced by community nurses in looking after end-of-life patients in their homes. In October 2020, I started a 2-year Clinical Research Associate secondment: an initiative that Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has introduced to encourage research engagement at all levels. I proposed a research topic on experiences of community nurses caring for patients from the ethnic minority, and I was successful. This marked a milestone in my research career as it was an opportunity for me to develop primary research. I had support from an academic supervisor, clinical mentors and the trust’s Research and Development team, and I have submitted a paper for publication. Through their mentorship, I learnt about the benefits of networking and engaging into research.


In the past, I have received Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust & De Montfort University funding to complete the Clinical Research Associate secondment and attend conferences. For the PhD study, I am funded by the Warwick Industrial Funding, a joint funding by Marie Curie Services and the University of Warwick

One great thing that your profession has achieved for Nursing and Midwifery practice:

When my employer gave me the opportunity for a Clinical Research Associate secondment, that was the beginning of the much aspired adventure. This opportunity allowed me to engage into, and build a clinical academic career. This is an essential role that the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and employers should invest in, in order to get the best patient outcomes. The experience marked a milestone in my research career as it was an opportunity for me to develop a primary research. I conducted a research on experiences of community nurses caring for patients from the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic background. The preliminary research findings were disseminated at various nursing conferences including at the Palliative Care Congress, the Sheffield Diverse Voices in Healthcare, and the Health Services Research UK 2022 conference. I have submitted my paper to a palliative care nursing journal for publication. The findings from this research has already demonstrated impact on my clinical service with findings being implemented to ensure that end-of-life services are known to all communities and appropriate training needs for the staff have been identified. By promoting clinical academic careers within the nursing fraternity, the NMC encourages research activities, improvement of care and this it helps retain staff within a research active organisation.

500 word, (MAX) statement about yourself and career any interests:

I am a passionate palliative care nurse who has a desire to improve end-of-life care for my patients and reduce health inequities, ensuring that everyone, despite their culture, religion, circumstances, or sexual orientation, receives a ‘good death’ at their preferred place of death. I have worked in a community setting since April 2013, and have realised the importance of individualised end-of-life care, is achieved through identifying the individual patient’s psychosocial needs and considering what they value most. Anecdotal experience shows limitations and disparities in providing care for people with dementia, diverse ethnic minority, and the homeless, with ethnical and cultural factors influencing the care delivery. My passion and curiosity inspired me to embark on a post graduate research study, and explore these areas. From a personal perspective, I am a passionate, self-motivated, and focused individual who is a quick learner, sets high standards for myself, and values honesty. I can work independently, but function equally well within a team. I am a family person and I spend most of my social time with family and friends.