Clinical Education Research Incubator

Did you know……??


  1. Clinical education’ is an umbrella term used to encompass the terminology of health professions education that occurs in the clinical or practice setting. For example, in some therapy professions, it is more usually known as ‘practice education’; in nursing it can be termed ‘practice-based education’. But it generally refers to any education that occurs in the real-world setting of that discipline.


Clinical Education Research (ClinEdR), therefore, describes research that contributes to the health needs of society by enhancing the education, training and development of health and social care practitioners and the structures and contexts in which they work and learn. 


  1. Clinical education researchers enter this field at many stages of their careers, from students, and early-career professionals, to experienced and expert clinicians. The Incubator for Clinical Education Research aims to support researchers at all these career stages, from planning a first research study, to applying for post-doctoral and large grants. See how some clinical education researchers have entered this field and how they see the future of its development (2-3 2-minute expert videos)


  1. Clinical education researchers face many challenges and barriers to engaging in ClinEdR. [Tell us the barriers you have faced, and how you have addressed these]. The Incubator for ClinEdR aims to support those interested in this field in identifying and overcoming these challenges and remaining engaged in this exciting and rapidly changing field.


  1. At the Incubator, we have established a directory of experts, which will help you to find a researcher with the same interest who may be keen to support your ClinEdR efforts, signpost you towards ClinEdR opportunities and in helping you to define your own career path and interests. [See our website for details]


  1. We have a training programme designed to support the development of your research idea! Look out for a webinar and an in-person event coming up this September. Join this ‘Mastering the Basics’ series to guide the development of your proposal. Join us in September to bring these ideas together, network with like-minded professionals and with experts who can help guide and advise on your next steps. See [here] for further details.